Facility Closures


  Facility Closures touch all business sectors

Do you realize that your facility closure can provide opportunities for positive cash flow? 

Let IS2 show you how your business can achieve this revenue potential. Our Closure Process focuses on minimizing closure costs and maximizing revenue potential.

Today’s economic environment has created unforeseeable conditions that have forced many businesses to close facilities without advanced notice or preparation. Businesses are faced with the burd
en and pressure to close facilities without having the experience or training to effectively manage a closure event. This predicament forces many businesses to quickly and improperly shut down facilities without understanding the financial or regulatory ramifications. Unfortunately, if not planned, managed, and executed properly businesses run the risk of incurring unnecessary closure costs and/or forego potential revenue generated by a closure event.

Key areas that directly impact closure costs and the generation of revenue:

 Asset Disposition  Environmental Requirements
 Auction Event  Labor Considerations
 Closure Budget  Project Timing
 Closure Planning  Manpower Planning

IS2’s Facility Closure Process can effectively assist your business with the management of these and all other areas of a closure. Our detailed process focuses on minimizing your closure costs and maximizing your revenue potential.

will save your business time and money. We offer a Turn Key Service that allows busine
sses to focus on core operations while we manage and oversee the entire closure project.  Additionally, IS2 will train and prepare your staff to successfully manage and execute a closure independently.

  IS2 Facility Closure Services
Facts About IS2 Facility Closure Services

  • IS2 is the ideal solution for you to successfully plan, manage, and execute your Facility Closure.
  • IS2 has been involved in over 7,215,000 square feet of closure projects.
  • IS2 fully understands the operational requirements, steps, and
    procedures for properly closing facilities.
  • IS2 works closely with your team to identify the most
    cost effective resolution for your business needs.
  • IS2 is the economical & logical solution for your closure event.   If your business has limited resources, timing constraints, lacks the expertise, or simply needs a process -–IS2 can help.
  • IS2 provides ongoing support that includes closure tools, methodologies, and processes that cater to your closure requirements.
  • IS2 guarantees Customer Satisfaction.  We consistently measure and track our performance.

Call IS2 today to see how we can help your business save money on your Facility Closure!

IS2 Guarantees Customer Satisfaction!

Driven by achieving Customer Satisfaction, IS2 continually measures performance by focusing on three assessment metrics:

Metric Criteria
Timing Meet Customer Deadlines and Schedules
Quality Provide Outstanding Service.  Be the Best at What We Do
Cost  Low Cost Approach.  Provide services that make the most economical sense for our customers 

"We Manage Assets... Your Bottom Line Improves"

Our Commitment

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence

Our Staff has over 30 years experience

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