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  Today’s regulatory environment and tough economic times have required businesses to question, evaluate, and improve the management of fixed assets for several reasons:  



 Regulations (Sarbanes Oxley, GASB 34)


 Facility Closures
  These factors have placed new burdens on businesses to enhance internal controls through: improved asset accountability, accurate asset records, directing focus to net book values (NBV), and flawless financial statements. Additionally, the Sarbanes Oxley Act imposes strict penalties for non-compliance and holds CEO’s and CFO’s personally responsible for the accuracy of their financial reports.  Consequently, Asset Management has become a top priority in all business sectors.

           IS2 Asset Management Services
 Record Keeping
  We are focused on developing robust solutions that enable our customers to efficiently and effectively manage assets.  Our years of experience have provided us with the ability and skills to successfully manage and support asset management.  IS2 understands the process and regulatory requirements for proper management of assets.  More importantly, we are familiar with losses that can incur when a company fails to properly manage assets or comply with regulations.  At a corporate level, we have witnessed a company forfeit millions of dollars due to missing assets , overpay thousands in taxes, lose money on assets that were not depreciated correctly, and mistakenly pay taxes and insurance on ghost assets.

IS2 can help prevent these types of costly errors from happening to your company. IS2 is a results driven team that believes in assisting companies to be efficient and proficient in managing assets.  IS2 caters to the needs and requirements of our customers. We recognize that the management of assets is a tedious and labor-intensive task for companies to administer internally.  We understand how difficult it is to accurately manage assets when a company lacks a process, manpower, or knowledge on asset management.  If your company has limited resources, timing constraints, lacks the expertise, or simply needs a process -- IS2 is the solution for you.   IS2 will work with your company to determine the low cost resolution to get your company on track.   

Our goal is to improve your bottom line!

Driven by achieving Customer Satisfaction, IS2 continually measures performance by focusing on three assessment metrics:

Metric Criteria
Timing Meet Customer Deadlines and Schedules
Quality Provide Outstanding Service.  Be the Best at What We Do
Cost  Low Cost Approach.  Provide services that make the most economical sense for our customers 

"We Manage Assets... Your Bottom Line Improves"

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We are committed to the pursuit of excellence

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