IS2 Inventory Services – We Manage Assets… Your Bottom Line Improves

Posted January 5th, 2010 by IS2 Inventory Support and filed in Inventory Services
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In today’s economy and regulatory environment, effective management of corporate assets and efficient facility closures are two key operational issues being reviewed at all levels. Now more than ever, companies are held accountable for submitting accurate financial statements that reflect proper management of corporate assets. Unfortunately, many companies are unprepared and have neither the resources nor the expertise in asset management or facility closures.

IS2 was founded based on the need for companies to successfully execute and manage these critical tasks. IS2 has the experience in managing corporate assets and conducting facility closures. Our ten plus years of experience have taught us the importance of accurately and efficiently managing assets and how to execute seamless facility closures.

IS2 is the economical & affordable solution for your business needs.  IS2 provides the ability for companies to focus on critical operations of the business while we take on the tedious task of managing asset and/or closing facilities. If your company has limited resources, timing constraints, or lacks the expertise — IS2 is the solution for you.  IS2 caters to the needs of your business by offering various levels of support from training to executing — we can help you manage it all.