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IS2 is a woman-owned business that was established with the mission of helping companies become more competitive through effective management of assets and seamless facility closure projects.

Brenda Hazelton
Chief Executive Officer

As an advocate for eliminating waste, redundancy, and inefficiency in business operations, Brenda founded IS2 to pursue her passion in helping businesses become efficient in managing assets and closing facilities.  

Brenda serves as IS2 Inventory Support Services CEO.  She is responsible for operations, strategic planning, and compliance with safety regulations, building culture, quality, and customer satisfaction.  She earned her B.A. in Business Administration from Oakland University. 

Brenda’s prior experience includes 24 years in the operations and manufacturing sector:  having been employed by Lumonics, American Motors Corporation, Modern Engineering, and General Motors Corporation.  During this span, she held positions in a variety of functions in Finance, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, and Business Planning.  Her former roles included: Risk Management Analyst, Die Engineer, Plant Resident Die Engineer, Asset Recovery Agent, Project Manager - Plant Closures, and Project Lead for Projects and Process Initiatives.

Brenda’s most recognized and credited success in her career at General Motors was the implementation of a Corporate Facility Closure Process.  To quote an executive familiar with her achievements “Brenda was instrumental in the conception, development, and implementation of the General Motors Closure Process.  She identified the need, marketed the idea to leadership, and landed the responsibility to lead a team of fifty plus members to develop the closure process. Today the Facility Closure Process is used worldwide."

IS2 Core Services Experience

Brenda holds an extensive background in Asset Management and Facility Closures.

  • Her 10 year experience in Asset Management covers asset inventory, asset reconciliation, accelerated depreciation, asset disposal, asset sales, and inventory training.  Brenda was personally responsible for accurately managing over 6,000 fixed assets that consisted of 8,200 asset records and thousands of expensed items within the plant, she was directly involved in the management of assets at several closing facilities, conducted asset inventories, and  developed tools and processes for managing assets throughout a closure event. 
  • Brenda was recognized and credited for the development of a database application used to manage fixed assets at a plant level.  This low cost application allowed plants to accurately manage assets improved efficiency and saved General Motors from spending thousands in third party software contracting.
  • Brenda’s experience in Facility Closure covers 7,215,000 square feet of closure projects.  These closures include General Motors’s Grand Blanc, Lansing, Doraville, Pontiac and Lansing facilities.  Brenda held the position as the Project Manager for Grand Blanc Press Room Closure.  Due to the success of a seamless closure at the Grand Blanc facility, Brenda was assigned to headquarters as a Project Lead for future closure events for General Motors North America region.  She supported and oversaw operations of closure events including regular plant visits, facilitation of closure meetings, development of project timing, project tracking, plant training, and closure reviews with leadership.  Consecutively, Brenda served as the Project Lead responsible for the development of General Motors Facility Closure process.

Patricia Berkopec
Executive Vice President – Marketing and Human Resources

Ms. Berkopec has held operational, marketing and human resource management positions in the automotive manufacturing arena,  Tier 1, 2, 3 supplier support services and health care services.  She has developed and initiated innovative concepts in areas of operations, human resources and customer service.

As a Division Vice President at AMC/Chrysler, she was responsible for staffing technical, administrative and engineering positions within AMC.  At the same time she directed her staffing subsidiary’s emergence as an independent profit center while maintaining supplementary staffing needs within the corporation itself, an innovative and successful concept at the time.

As a Human Resource Manager, Patricia has been responsible for recruiting, placement and supervision of thousands of individuals in administrative, engineering and technical positions in every type of service and manufacturing operation in S.E. Michigan.  These challenges and successes inspired her to develop and teach her own Employability Skills curriculum in a local school district.

Her background also includes several years spent in the health care field where she established and promoted community-based disease prevention and educational programs throughout Michigan.  She was a pioneer in introducing mobile cardiovascular screening programs across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  This concept, unique and ground-breaking at its introduction, has become a widely accepted and effective method for reducing stroke and cardiovascular disease in areas lacking such technology.

This combination of successful operational, marketing, customer service and human resource management responsibilities over a period of twenty years has equipped her to ensure that integrity, honesty, consistency and superior service are hallmarks of IS2’s relationship with each client it is privileged to serve.


John Mueller

Director – Facility Closures, Facility Transitions, Asset Management


Mr. Mueller brings IS2 clients 35 years of experience in financial management and manufacturing operations that he obtained through his dynamic career at General Motors Corporation.  John was given credit for his continuous improvement initiatives, recognized as a subject matter expert for General Motors Facility Closure Process, and became the company’s primary source for effective asset management during a closure event.

IS2 Core Services Experience

General Motors Plant Comptroller, John’s responsibilities included management and control of $35 million in facility assets where he:

  • Directed the execution and management of General Motors corporate internal RISK control program.
  • Implemented procedures for General Motors compliance with Sarbanes Oxley legislation.
  • Conducted cost benefit analysis for capital appropriations.
  • Supported implementation of lean inventory processes that resulted in a 50% reduction in inventory levels over a three year period in a manufacturing operation.
  • Administered a $650 million budget.

Facility Closure Manager at several plant closings for General Motors North America Operations, John:

  • Directed equipment auctions producing proceeds in excess of $12million.
  • Managed and implemented equipment removal programs.
  • Completed all facility closure and equipment disposal objectives within the programs’ benchmarks and timelines.
  • Documented each of the critical on-site program phases, resource requirements and the operational issues that were incorporated into General Motors Corporate Facility Closure Process.

Maintaining accountability, integrity and efficient utilization of your organization’s assets is essential to remain competitive in today’s demanding economy.  John’s experience and expertise in property management can help guide your organization through seamless facility closure projects and provide effective asset management and utilization methods. 



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